Thursday, March 26, 2009


I just found out that Warner Bros. changed the end of Harry Potter 6. When I first heard that it was PG, I was very surprised, but now it looks like they didn't kill Dumbledore. First they split the 7th movie into TWO F***ing parts, and now they cut the end of the 6th movie. Warner Bros. is starting to really annoy me!

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  1. What.


    Dude, that's completely ruining the book right there.

    Ah, I'm starting to hate all movies....

  2. lol, where did you here that? that's not true.

    and what's wrong with two DH movies instead of one? i think it's an awesome lets the potter fandom live more longer. and its just awesome.

  3. okay,here's what i think about that idea;

    one they just very much ruined the whole movie by changing the ending. i HATED the fifth movie because they left out so many important parts, and now THIS! i totally agree with you about hating the Warner Bros, and what's up with splitting the 7th movie into two??? AGGGGGGHHHHH!

  4. the end of the movie was not cut. what actually happened is that they changed it up a bit.

    1. the fight scene in hogwarts, is going to be cut down, into a small flight scene. they're doing this so there is no repetition , because in the seventh movie, there will also be a fight scene in hogwarts.

    2. dumbledore's funeral will be taken out because of some reason that i can't remember... which is kinda dissapointing but i can deal with it.

    and thats it. they also add the Millenium bridge scene, the waitress flirting with Harry scene, and the Burrow being burnt, which is pretty cool.