Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Juvie Three

Today, I will be writing about The Juvie Three, by Gordon Korman, one of my favorite children's authors. It was a gripping story about three juvenile delinquents who are given a second chance. The are brought to a halfway house, where they live in an apartment, go to counseling and school, and do community service instead of going to jail. The person in charge of the halfway house, Douglas Healy, is great to them. One day, they are having a little scuffle, and Healy comes to break them up, and falls out the window. The boys rush him to the hospital, but the doctor says that he may never wake up. The boys, knowing that they would go back to prison if they are caught, they go on as if their group leader is still there. They act like model students until Healy comes back.
Korman shows his brilliance once again weaving a moving, yet action oriented story with a great plot.
Recommendation: 4.2/5
Ages 10 and up

Opening Post

Hi, I am book critic 101. I will usually be updating his blog once a week - on Sunday but sometimes ore often. This blog will cover the finer aspects of children's literature, from fantasy and fiction to non-fiction and textbooks. I will also be writing about the anti-censorship movement, as I am one of their biggest fans. Thank you for reading this blog.