Wednesday, June 3, 2009

39 Clues: The Sword Thief

Well, I'm back after a bit of a break - writing these articles can wear you out after a while. So, i have a bunch of catch up to do...

I'll Start with the semi-new 39 Clues threequel, The Sword Thief. Written by the virtually unknown Peter Lerangis, the book was written in a way that boasts writing experience and personality. While it is certainly a book meant for a younger age group (8-12), the sense of good literature that was absent in some of the biggest hits in YA history (coughtwilightcough) makes its appearance. I actually find this kind of kidlit to be better than some YA I have read becuase while the storyline is sorta childish, it has a point to it, and when the author built the story to a climax, the protagonist didn't just talk their way out of it - they ACTUALLY ENDED UP IN THE FIGHT YOU WERE WAITING FOR. (coughtwilightagaincough)

The book was about the hunt for 39 clues that would reveal the secret of alchemy - how to make the philosopher's stone.(the ideas in the book became rather Harry Potter-esque)
Action packed and full of suspense, The Sword Thief will not dissapoint.


Ages 8-12 (Scholastic said so and I don't dispute this)

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