Friday, March 13, 2009

To JayKae: Life Stinx

After getting back from BLOG VACATION, I read To JayKay: Life Stinx, by Jean Davies Okimoto. It is an old book (1999) that was nothing like I expected it to be. The back gave it a completely different angle to the book than what you would read in it. It was far worse than I thought it would be, and the only thing that wasn't so bad was the fact that it wasn't rated "R" but it was in fact rated PG(maybe 13). It was about this kid who meets this person on the internet using a chat room and they start a correspondence. Meanwhile, his life is completely disorganized and messed up, he has NO life, and his dad thinks that he is a psycho. It was an interesting book...


Ages 11 and up for references to cyberbullying and inappropriate material.

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